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GOP Debate “irrelephant”

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2011 at 12:04 pm

I watched the Monday night GOP debates so that you wouldn’t have to. I know you are grateful for that. You got to watch reruns of your favorite TV show while I slogged through two hours of painfully repetitive phrases without substance. Fortunately, I have TiVo so I was able to avoid the commercials.  

Not all candidates weighed in on all topics since the debates were in the form of questions addressed to certain candidates. I’ll take several of the topics and summarize the responses.

Military involvements: Getting out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yeman “as soon as possible” was the theme here, although only Ron Paul stated that troops should be brought home now. it seems to me that the others were fence sitting because they wanted to wait until the commanders in the field gave the recommendation. Ron Paul said that a president is the Commander in Chief and therefore it is a president’s responsibility to make that decision. I found Ron’s un-wimpiness to be a refreshing drink in a sea of tepid waters. 

Abortion:  What would a GOP debate be without this topic? Everyone who weighed in on this had the same take on the ” sanctity and dignity of all life from conception to old age/ natural death.” It sounded like they all should be against the death penalty, but we know that isn’t the case! Ron didn’t respond but we can safely assume that since he hates having the government in our private business, that he would choose for the government to get out of the gynecologists’ offices. 

Medicare: This has aptly been referred to as the third rail of the GOP this year; touch it and you burn. Our intrepid candidates treaded lightly except for brave Ron, who knows he has a skunk’s chance in a perfume factory of being chosen for the highest office in the land. Ron believes we have made our elderly dependent on the government and we need to get the government out of Medicare and “take care of ourselves.” The general consensus was that the “marketplace” and “other options” should be considered. Several of the candidates did pay homage to Paul Ryan’s plan without mentioning that it would effectively destroy Medicare. 

Space flight: Only Pawlenty felt that we should continue to have government funding for space flight, and he felt it should be in partnership with private enterprise. Somehow they all have the idea that it’s only the government who has a bureaucracy. Apparently none of them have ever worked for a large corporation. Talk about bureaucracy! 

The Gay: It’s hard to believe that anyone really gets their feathers ruffled about this issue, but it appears that the GOP thinks the voters care so they continue to drone on about “one man/one woman” and most even favor a constitutional amendment to demand such activity. It’s interesting that this would be the first amendment to remove rights instead of giving rights to certain beleaguered groups. Ron, once again, was a voice of sanity in the wilderness. He wants the government to get out of the marriage business altogether. I loved it! It’s interesting that the conservatives are in favor of getting the government out of people’s lives, until they run into an issue they don’t like; then they do want the government to save us from our sins! Except for Ron, they also wimped,out on the question of gay people in the military, wanting so desperately to “leave it to the commanders to decide.” Once more, Ron came out and said what he really thought; rights are rights and no group should have special rights or sanctions so everyone should be able to serve if they choose. 

Immigtation: Mr. Santorum believes that when illegal aliens are in this country, we should not provide them with any health services. Apparently we are to let them die on the streets a la Calcutta. Ron Paul unfortunately wimped out when asked directly what we should do if a five year old child turns up in the emergency room and he is here illegally. He did not respond to that direct question but made vague references to churches paying for services for illegal immigrants instead of the government. Mr. Caine was at least willing to say that we are a compassionate people and we would not let that five year old be left untreated. Mr. Pawlenty and Newt Gingerich wimped out also and didn’t answer the question. Tim said we should “let the states decide.” Newt totally avoided the question and jabbered on about the National Guard being needed to patrol the borders. All this talk about health care makes me think about Callista.  Does Mrs. Gingerich worry every time she has a cough? After all, Newt left wife number one when she had cancer and he left wife number two after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In her darkest nights, Callista has to worry, just the tiniest bit, when she has some ache or pain. 

Jobs: the candidates who responded about joblessness provided answers as weak as one might expect from a high school student: reduce capital gains taxes to zero for at least five years; lower corporate taxes, get rid of regulations; get government off our backs. I could pontificate about the ridiculous of these “ideas” but I’ll save that for another blog. 

Bailouts: Apparently the candidates haven’t heard that the auto bailout was a success because they all felt that the industry should have been allowed to fail because “we should never assist private enterprise.”

All in all, I’d have to say that Ron Paul won the debate. He usually said what he believed and his “let the chips fall where they may” attitude was what we need to hear from those running for office. Honesty is so unusual these days. I also felt that none of this group was a serious threat to Mr. Obama. If this is the best that the Republicans have to offer, the Democrats have nothing to fear in 2012.

  1. Great article. Too bad Ron Paul has so many extreme idea. I like his candor. I appreciate the sacrifice you made to listen to two hours of the debate

    • Candor is deadly when you are a candidate; therefore, he will never be elected. Too bad he gets so obsessed with issues like the Federal Reserve, returning to the gold standard, and putting severe limits on govt. functions. Did you see that he and Barney Frank are co-sponsers of a bill to get the feds out of the business of regulating marajuana in states where it has already been deemed legal for medical reasons? This is such a common sense approach.

  2. Ron Paul seems to be the most reasonable out of the whole lot of them, and that’s saying a lot. Because it’s a primary debate, the candidates are going to pander to the fringes of the party, but still, it was pretty extreme.

    • It will be fun to see what Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman have to say on the topics, and of course I’ll be here to question everything. Tune in again, DD!

  3. I didn’t catch the debate – thanks for this refreshing and amusing summary.

  4. 😉

    • Thanks, Eric, for checking out this blog. We won’t always agree but it will be fun. I know you have a lot of political angst, as well. Maybe you want to start your own blog. I’ll subscribe!

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