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In Uncategorized on August 10, 2011 at 10:10 pm

I’ve been traveling recently, out to the middle of Ohio and then on to Cleveland and northwestern Pennsylvania. Have you noticed how televisions have become omnipresent lately, springing up in every doctor and dentist’s office, as well as in hotels and even in fast food establishments?I find it very annoying to never be able to enter a building these days and be able to read or just be alone with my thoughts. Instead, I have my personal space invaded by cheery announcements. I entered a urgent-care facility some months ago with what turned out to be a broken shoulder. I was not comforted by the game show above my head. Things are bad when you can’t even be alone with your pain. I need to be thankful  that the physical therapist’s office relied only on a radio, but since their facility is being moved and upgraded, I wouldn’t doubt that the new office will get on the media bandwagon. 

Ever-present everywhere TV sets, playing at top volume aren’t my biggest complaint; my worst aggregation is aimed at what some establishments are allowing to be aired. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve stayed in hotels/motels in the last two years and have been expected to endure Fox News with my breakfast. Once, in Alabama, there was even a McDonald’s restaurant that blasted me with Fox. My breakfast bagel isn’t on a friendly basis with wide-eyed but low IQ’d bimbos providing patently false information under the supervision of the discredited Rupert Murdock. Dispute becoming increasingly curmudgeonly in my old age, I am not by nature, a confrontational person. However, I have been so offended by the Fox misinformation machine that I find myself needing to be a one person conscientiousness raiser by letting the manager know that Fox is not compatible with healthy nutrition. Once, in a Marriott, in the DC area, I was thanked by another disgruntled customer for telling  management that the barrage of political attacks by the right was not the proper food for customers. Mostly, though, no one seems to care that the channel has been changed. I don’t ask for anything unreasonable. The Today Show or Good Morning America,  or even the Weather Channel is perfectly fine with me. I don’t need anything radical. 

I stayed at a Comfort Inn in western Ohio last week and once again had the unpleasant task of informing the management that I find Fox News offensive, and could he please change the channel to something non-political. When asked, all managers and front desk personnel have been unfailingly polite and accommodating and have changed the channels or even given me the power of the remote so I could make my own choice. I’ve chosen neutrality even though I would have been happiest with total silence so I can work my crossword puzzle in blessed peace and quiet. 

I saw some progress recently. I just returned home after a stay in a Comfort Inn in Titusville, Pennsylvania for four days.I  recall that the last time I was there, I needed to speak up about the inappropriateness of the choice of Fox in the breakfast room. This time, I entered the eating area with trepidation  and for each of those four mornings, my eyes went first to the TV, not to the coffee machine. What did I see? Every time I looked up at the screen, the Weather Channel greeted me! Can you imagine how excited I was by this event? I think I’ll take credit for the substitution. You can also make a difference when you are in any public setting in which political rhetoric is being broadcast and you are being expected to drink that particular koolaid. Speak up politely and make sure the channel is changed. Fox News, like smoking and pornography, are choices that need to be confined to the privacy of one’s home; only, of course, when children are not present!

  1. Amen! When I go for an oil change for my car it is the same thing-I also ask to change the channel. I would prefer to read quietly, but if something has to be on, not Fox news! I agree we need to speak up and voice our opinions.

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