Linda Loftin

A Letter to Jim Gerlach

In Uncategorized on September 28, 2011 at 11:59 am

I am reproducing a letter that I just sent to my congressional representative, Jim Gerlach. I felt compelled to email him as a result of an e-newsletter he sent out in which he stated that he told a group of high school students that there was no better role model for today’s
youth than Ronald Reagan. I couldn’t let that
statement stand without a bit of rebuttal.
Here is my letter. I wonder if he will respond?
I read your e-newsletter in which you stated that there is “no better role model” for today’s youth than Ronald Reagan. I think you need to rescind that statement. Do you really want today’s teens to believe that Reagan is the very best role model ? How about Abe Lincoln, who was also a Republican? Don’t you think that the religious folks in your district just might name Jesus as a better role model than Reagan? Don’t you think that you have exaggerated Reagan’s exalted status just a wee bit and owe your constituents an apology? I know that Republicans have decided that Reagan is getting close to God in his perfection but don’t you think it is just a tad presumptions to elevate his role model status to that which is above other religious icons? The actual truth is that if Reagan were alive today, the current batch of right-wingers would never vote for him. It is easy for people to ignore history but a brief Internet search will confirm my observations. For example Ronald Reagan said that those who refused to raise the debt limit ceiling were irresponsible. If Reagan is such an icon, shouldn’t all Republicans have been for raising the debt ceiling instead of threatening to close down the government and therefore being the cause of our country’s downgraded credit rating? Would those who are anti abortion say that Reagan is the best possible role model when he signed a pro-choice law when he was governor of California in 1967 that was the most liberal in the country at that time?
I consider it most ironic that Those who would never vote for Ronald Reagan today, hold him up as the Republican saint.
Linda Loftin

  1. This is a perfect example of how politicians rewrite history to serve their own purposes. It is very convenient for them to forget the actions that don’t serve their purposes. The Left can be as guilty of this as the right. Reagan did, IMHO, some really terrible things -bringing religion into politics more than ever before, stopping Federal supported stem cell research, blaming government for all of our problems. The consequences of these actions are evidenced in today’s political climate.

    • It’s an interesting thought you had that Reagan might be the one who started the snowball rolling down the mountain that now has turned into the avalanche of political problems we have today. I never considered that idea.

  2. What is even worse is that the people that hold these views have been instrumental in modifying the Texas schoolbooks to minimize the contributions of liberals and to over state the contribution of conservatives. They are also the ones who want to have public schools teach Intelligent Design because their religious views conflict with science, are intolerant of other religious grips such as Muslims and ignore all the facts regarding global warming

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