Linda Loftin

At Sixes and Nines

In Uncategorized on October 18, 2011 at 6:40 pm

I’m all at 6’s and 9’s these days. I’m in a confused state of mind over the current political references to those numerals. We have Herman Cain’s simple to understand 9-9-9 plan. Michelle Bachmann helpfully informs us that when you turn those nines upside down you have 6-6-6 which seems to imply that Satan is interested in Republican politics and that he is favoring Herman Cain since Cain did kill Abel. It logically follows that Mrs. Bachmann is implying that that Mr. Cain is the Antichrist. Should we worry? Do his pizzas cost $9.99? If so, and we turned those numerals upside down, that would be even more proof that he is the Beast! But if Michelle is implying that Herman is the Antichrist, what happens to our suspicions that President Obama deserves that title? After all, the Illinois lottery did draw the 6-6-6 combination the day after Election Day in 2008. Perhaps there is an assistant Antichrist, sort of like a Vice President of evil.
The other nines that confuse me are the expansion of the protests of the 99% that are occupying cities and towns all over the country. Why aren’t they happy that 1% of the population controls the lion’s share of the wealth? Look at all the jobs the 1% has created lately, or at least will create in some distant future if only we promise to not make them pay any taxes. Herman Cain will eliminate considerable pesky taxes when his plan goes into effect and the wealthiest in this county, who generally depend on their investments to supply their income, no longer have to pay even 15% in capital gains taxes and won’t have to worry about estate taxes or gift taxes. Of course, when they go to the grocery store and spend $200, there will be $18 in sales tax, the exact tax a desperate and unemployed person will pay, or would pay if he could still afford to go the grocery. Herman tells us we should change our habits and buy used items. I wonder where you buy used food? Will restaurants sell customer’s half pieces of toast and other leftovers from outside the back door?
H. L. Menchen once said that “for every complex question there is a simple answer, and it is wrong.” Like everybody else I love simplicity but anyone who tells us there are simple economic or political answers is just wanting to make things easy for us, so we don’t have to think too hard. When we start thinking, we start to realize that the complexities we face defy catchy slogans. Maybe that’s why the 99%/Occupy Wall Street groups haven’t developed a list of demands yet. Perhaps they understand that a complex society requires complex solutions and that it’s easier to raise questions than to answer them and that politicians who try to make it easy for us are doing us a disservice.
As for me, I think I’ll go listen to the Jimi Hendrix song ‘If 6 was 9” written in 1966, which implored me to let my “freak flag” fly despite the “white collared conservative” who would prefer my demise. I personally doubt that most conservatives really wish that my kind would “drop and die” as Jimi surmised, but I’m sure that they would at least like to see that the 99% majority with relatively few assets increase to 99.9%; after all what red-blooded American wants to share?

  1. We agree on something. The 9-9-9 plan is an unfair tax plan. The poor wich spend most of their earnings to live will pay the sales tax on all of their income. A rich man who only spends a small amount of their earnings on goods will have very little of their income subject to this tax.
    Cain’s popularity is a total fabrication of the media. Leading the way is Faux News. If he really had the support that their bogus polls are showing he would not have had to loan his campaign $500,000 of his own money.
    On the other hand. The man they love to ignore and ridicule every chance they get. Acording to the polls only has about 11% support pulled in $8,000,000 last quarter. Something just doesn’t add up. Is it possible that the corporate media is manipulating this election just like the last one? Ron Paul is the only candidate that would be a threat to the big banks and the corporate giants. He is the only one that will get us out of these never ending wars on day one of his presidency. He has a plan to balance the budget in 3 years and not touch medicare social security or veterans benefits. Will the American people use their head this election or just vote for the candidate Faux News tells them too? Time is running short. We could loose the Republic. By the way Ron Paul’s tax plan is 0-0-0 but it would take some time to get there.

    • It is true that Faux News simply spouts the lines that are fed to them by Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdock. Unfortunately, congress would never allow someone outside the establishment to ever make changes; that includes Ron Paul and Barack Obama.

  2. Great post – I believe that the 1% don’t want us to think at all. Just work, pay taxes and obey. There are two good candidates – Romney and Huntsman who get bashed. Ron Paul has some interesting ideas, but doesn’t seem to have a chance. The others should be on reality TV – they are so unbelievable. All of these people should be required to listen to a debate on NPR, where both sides of an issue disagree, but act with respect towards each other. One of these people might become president – and have access to the codes to start a nuclear war. Does this scare anyone beside me? I hope so. We get the government we deserve.

    • I often wonder who no one seems interested in Huntsman, the reasonable candidate. It makes no sense, and the public slobbers over Bachmann and Perry?
      Has something been put in the drinking water?? Some days, I really am ready to believe that, because I can’t believe that the public is so stupid that they would really elect some of these boobs. Ron Paul does have some good ideas and he appeals to those who think, but for most of the public, the slogans are all that matter.

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